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Kumho Tires Review

The name, Kumho tires has earned an increasing reputation among tire manufacturers over the last several years. It is not surprising that customers all over the world are searching for a comprehensive Kumho tires review before making a purchase.

The Kumho Tire Company is based in Korea and was started during the 1960's. The company was known as Samyang Tires before 1996. Kumho Tires has been gaining rave reviews from distributors and customers for manufacturing low cost high quality tires for SUVs, passenger cars, and light trucks. Kumho Tire USA is a division of the company and has its headquarters based in California. Kumho now ranks among the top ten tire manufacturers in terms of volume worldwide.

It may come as a surprise but some of the major tire brands across USA charge almost double the price of Kumho tires despite a shorter tread life and normal guarantees. Do you know that the Formula 3 Euro Series held in 2009 has Kumho Tires as its exclusive supplier of tires for the racing arena? Exclusive brands such as Chrysler, Hyundai, Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz and others get their tires sourced from Kumho Tires.

Kumho Tires beats their competitors as it provides a good set of all-season tires (especially the models in the SUV and light truck line) for regular users. However, in a few cases such as the KH-16 model in the Solus Tire line-up, there have been complaints of the tire slipping on wet and icy roads.

The KR-21 model has been getting impressive reviews because of the following features: A decrease in wear and tear as compared to the KH-14 model; a smoother ride; significant improvement in mileage; and noticeable noise reduction.
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The LX Platinum passenger tire has been receiving the best reviews from customers in the Ecsta line-up due to better traction and tread wear performance; as well very low noise levels.

The ASX tire in the Ecsta line-up on the other hand showed a lower performance especially in difficult weather conditions resulting in a higher tread wear issue.

The SPT tire in the Ecsta line-up also needs to be replaced at frequent intervals due to stability and tread wear problems.

Performance of the models in the Road Venture line-up (especially the APT KL51) was significantly better in terms of lesser noise and tread wear; and they were able to handle extreme weather pretty well.

With the use of latest technology such as eco-conscious tires and low CO2 content synthetic rubber, Kumho has been able to capture new tire markets.

Kumho is quite well known for its models in the commercial and winter categories. Despite of any kind of road conditions (snowy, wet or dry); one can always find a tire that will match the traction. The best thing about this company is its ability to provide a tire for almost any use. The various models in the line-up of SUVs and light trucks have distinguishable performance and tread applications as their major characteristics.

The hallmark of this company has always been to deliver high quality at an affordable cost across a comprehensive product portfolio providing customers with an array of options from which to choose. It is for this reason that the Kumho Tire Company has been able to sustain its growth and competitive advantage.